Herbel Healing



30-45 Min / $45

Relax with your feet in warm water. Watch the colors of the water change as you eliminate toxins, heavy metals and chemicals from your body. Total body purification. This is a great session stand alone, or popular addition to add to a Body Code session. (Save $15 when you add to another service.)


20 MIN / $40

Organic, detoxifying foot soak. The earth has healing powers, both of which are refreshing and invigorating for the body. Mud treatments have been used for centuries, and have high concentration of amino acids and minerals to support the body. This is amazing before….or after a Foot Reflexology.


30 Min / $35 – 60 Min / $55 – ADD ON TO ANY SERVICE $25

Far infrared rays diffuse deep into the body and address imbalances at the cellular level: Pain, swelling, arthritis, anxiety, circulation, insomnia and sleep patterns, immune and lymphatic.


30 – 60 Min / $85

Light therapy for anything you can imagine!

Address imbalances at the cellular level. We will muscle test your body and ask what program to run. Popular programs are ‘Calming Brain Waves’ and ‘Immune Support’.


30 Min / $25

How many Biomarkers are out of balance in your body? Simply place your hand on the ZYTO hand cradle while a bioscan is run. This uses GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) to measure fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. *A more familiar application of this, is lie detector testing. The ZYTO software records each response, and lists what essential oils, or natural products with Young Living will bring your body back into balance. Be preventative about your health with a monthly scan.